Monday, August 18, 2008


  • Caroline Cross: The Notorious Groom. Silhouette 1998 (= Silhouette Desire 1143) - "almost thirty-four, still a virgin and with no marriage prospects in sight, town librarian Norah Brown was headed for the old maid hall of fame" *seufz*
  • Kathryn Jensen: I married a prince. Richmond: Silhouette 1997 (= Silhouette desire D1301) - "how could a small-town librarian with her nose in books - not tabloids - know that the man she'd fallen for years ago was literally a prince?"
  • Amy Frazier: A bundle of miracles. New York: Silhouette Books 2000 (= Silhouette special edition 1354) - "Abbie had always been country wholesome, down-to-earth and approachable, with a vulnerability that made a guy want to protect her" (S. 13).
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