Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"sepulchral atmosphere and severity of pompous librarians"

"It is the idea of free space. Where, in a city, can you go to think or write or read or anything like that without having to pay for it" (ArbeitMachtBarryFry).

"Silence is also important. It's hard to find places where a large group of people observe a communal silence interrupted by the odd self-conscious cough" (alexito).

"Libraries are no longer serving the working class communities in the way that they used to, and frankly the sepulchral atmosphere and severity of pompous librarians over the past fifty years has probably done more to cause this than aything else" (DonutsAtHome ).

"However, libraries stuffed full of books in every town probably aren't the future - E-readers are. I'm always surprised how vehemently (otherwise progressive) people dismiss e-readers. They are fantastic - try one. Britain would only need one library that could design and sell a cheap e-reader, maybe it could even give them away. The technology exists to time-limit book files to a fortnight after download. Authors would still be paid through the existing agreement. There would be massive savings and think of all those trees we needn't cut down" (Drypoint).

Kommentare zum Artikel "Frank Skinner's attack on free libraries is a bad joke" von Jonathan Jones im Guardian auf

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