Monday, December 18, 2006

reading diary

  • just finished: Portia da Costa: Die Lektion (somewhat amusing, but also stupid and stereotype), Marlene Faro: Frauen, die den Bauch einziehen (somewhat funny, but also stupid and trivial)
  • currently reading (for university): Roswitha Karpellus: Siedlungsgeschichte der ehemaligen Grafschaft Pitten auf namenkundlicher Grundlage, PhD Thesis, 1959 (I'm deeply impressed. It is sheer impossible to estimate the load of work that must have been put into this thesis - Karpellus lists and etymologically explains names of settlements, watercourses and detached farm houses in the lower Austrian area "Waldmark", which comprises today's Piestingtal, Semmering/Rax-Gebiet, Wechsel, Pittental, Steinfeld, and Bucklige Welt)

    1. Sorry you thought my book was stupid... but at least you found it amusing too! :)

      All the best!


    2. Dear Portia, thanks for your post. Never had the chance to talk to an author herself, so maybe I should expand on why I wrote a admittedly harsh comment.
      Yes, it was fun to read, no doubt. But I have read a lot of books with librarians, as I have collected them for years, and the pattern is nearly almost the same: either the librarian is a frumpy old maid, or she is the opposite, which would be fine if it wouldn't always be stressed how surprising this is...