Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BBB news

Neue Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn.

  • Stanislaw Lem: Memoiren, gefunden in der Badewanne. Mit einer Einleitung des Autors. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp 1979 (= Phantastische Bibliothek 25)
  • Fantasy-Trilogie von Dan Callander: Dragon Companion. Mundania 2005 - Dragon Rescue. Ace Books 1995 - Dragan Tempest. Ace Books 1998 (A librarian transported to a fantasy world is befriended by a dragon)
  • John J. Doherty: "Towards Self-Reflection In Librarianship: What Is Praxis?". In: Progressive librarian 26 (2005/2006)
  • Margaret F. Maxwell: "The Lion and the Lady: The Firing of Miss Mary Jones". In: American Libraries 9 (1978), S. 270
  • Julie Herrada / Tom Hyry: "Agnes Inglis: Anarchist Librarian". In: Progressive librarian 16 (1999)
  • Wayne A. Wiegand: "The Lion and the Lady Revisited: Another Look at the Firing of Mary L. Jones as Los Angeles Public Librarian in 1905". In: Library and Information Science Resources 5 (1983), S. 273 - 290
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