Monday, March 26, 2007

BBB news

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn im Überblick.

  • Marilyn Miller: Pioneers and Leaders in Library Services to Youth: A Biographical Dictionary. Libraries Unlimited 2003
  • Ken Haycock: "Education for library and information studies in Canada: a cross-cultural comparison". In: New Library World 108 (2007) 1+2, S. 79 - 82
  • Michael Dowling: "International credentialing, certification, and recognition in the United States". In: New Library World 108 (2007) 1+2, S. 79 - 82
  • Edith Guerrier / Molly Matson: An Independent Woman: Autobiography of Edith Guerrier. University of Massachusetts Press 1992
  • Mary Anne Kennan / Fletcher Cole / Patricia Willard / Concepción Wilson / Linda Marion: "Changing workplace demands: what job ads tell us". In: Aslib Proceedings 58 (2006) 3, S. 179 - 196
  • Barry W. Seaver: A True Politician: Rebecca Browning Rankin, Municipal Reference Librarian of the City of New York, 1920-1952. McFarland 2003
  • Michele R. Tennant: "Bioinformatics librarian: Meeting the information needs of genetics and bioinformatics researchers". In: Reference Services Review 33 (2005) 1, S. 12 - 19
  • Mary Stuart: Aristocrat Librarian in Service to the Tsar. Columbia University Press 1986
  • Jane Farmer / Grainne Ward / Lawraine Wood: "Taking stock: career planning for isolated, middle-level professionals". In: Librarian Career Development 6 (1998) 8, S. 3 - 15
  • Mary Virginia Gaver: A Braided Cord: Memoirs of a School Librarian. Scarecrow 1988
  • Dina E. Forbes: Laura Bush: Teacher, Librarian, and First Lady. Facts on File 2005 ("With an intriguing look at the life and career of the current First Lady, this guide offers information on how to become a teacher and a librarian")
  • Heidi Ardizzone: An Illuminated Life: Belle Da Costa Greene's Journey from Prejudice to Privilege. W.W. Norton 2007
  • Mary MacNeill: The Widow Down by the Brook: a Memoir of a Time Gone by. Prentice Hall 1999
  • Kenneth F. Kister: Eric Moon: The Life and Library Times. McFarland & Company 2002
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    1. Dan Weaver2/7/07 2:24 pm

      The Widow Down By The Brook is a great book. I have read it several times.