Friday, March 30, 2007

Librarians @ Ning

Librarians worldwide seem to have discovered Ning, a tool for creating social networks - there are Second life librarians, Library 2.0, its non-English equivalents Bibliothek 2.0, Bibliotheca 2.0, Bibliotecarios 2.0, and Chinese Lib 2.0, Bibliothèques, Young librarians, Librarians in general, ALA members, Map librarians, Social librarians, Minnesota librarians, Library Suppliers of India, social cataloguers and much much more. The tool is nice, but the pages load tediously slowly.
Update 10.4.2007: There is a new network for LIS students, and I should also mention Librarian bloggers, Business librarians, and the MODocs, which of course stands for Missouri government information Librarians.

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