Wednesday, September 02, 2009


  • Kimberly Richardson: Tales from a Goth Librarian. Memphis: Kerlak 2009 ("Take a disturbing, yet fascinating walk through this collection of short stories and poetry expressing the darker side of the Gothic/Steampunk point of view as written by a Goth librarian")
  • Ted and Bob Rockwell: The virtual librarian. A tale of alternative realities. Lincoln: iUniverse 2008 ("At forty-five, Keith Robertson finds himself in an exciting new job. As senior engineer on special assignment to InfoPower, he's sent to work at a virtual library. After just one day, he's bought into the buzz: here, you don't see the library ... you experience it. Keith's success is closely tied to the new woman in his life. Lib, the virtual librarian, is a product of revolutionary software that makes her seem like a real person. As Lib interacts with people, her software evolves. But as more individuals seek out Lib's help, she begins acting erratically")
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