Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Die erste Single der Go-Betweens, "Karen", ist einer Bibliothekarin gewidmet. Zitat: "I know this girl / This very special girl / And she works in a library, yeah / Standing there behind the counter / Willing to help / With all the problems that I encounter / Helps me find Hemingway / Helps me find Genet / Helps me find Brecht / Helps me find Chandler / Helps me find James Joyce / She always makes the right choice / She's no queen / She's no angel / Just a peasant from the village / She's my god, she's my god / She's my g-o-d, she's my god, yeah, yeah (...) And she stands there in the library / Like a nun in a church does / She stands there all alone / 'Cos she gets me something that I / Just can't get now anywhere else (...)"

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  1. Jetzt suche ich schon so lange nach dem Song. Ich vermutete immer die Go Betweens, aber der Rest deren Musik klang so belanglos, da ordnete ich diesen Song nie zu. Aber jetzt bin ich hier ja fündig geworden. Danke dafür.