Monday, April 24, 2006

accession list (four-day stay in Dublin)
  • John D. Seymour / Harry L. Neligan (eds.): True Irish Ghost Stories. Haunted houses, Banshees, Poltergeists, and other supernatural Phenomena. Mineola: Dover 2005 [1926]
  • Charles Horton: Alfred Chester Beatty. From Miner to Bibliophile. Dublin: TownHouse 2003 (= Irish Treasures series)
  • Charles Benson / Paul Corrigan: Die Bibliothek von Trinity College Dublin. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin Press / Environmental Publications 2003
  • Seán Lennon (text, ill.): Godot Go Deo. Waiting in Beckett's Dublin. Dublin; Fingal County Libraries 2006
  • Michael Ryan / Charles Horton / Clare Pollard / Elaine Wright: The Chester Beatty Library. Dublin: Chester Beatty Library / Scala Publ. 2001
  • James Joyce: Dubliners. London: Penguin 1996
  • Joseph Jacobs / Thea Kliros (ill.): Favorite Celtic Fairy Tales. Mineola: Dover 1994 (= Children's thrift classics)
  • Newgrange. A step back in time. Mullingar: East Coast and Midland Tourism o.J.
  • Reg Keating / Heather McKay (ill.): The Salmon of Knowledge. Dublin: Tarantula 1997 (= Irish legends)
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