Monday, April 03, 2006

accession list
  • Margaret Truman: Murder at the national gallery. New York: Fawcett 1996
  • Karin Kallmaker: One degree of separation. Tallahassee: Bella Books 2003 (About the author: "Karin Kallmaker admits that her first crush on a woman was the local librarian. Just remembering the pencil through the loose, attractive bun makes her warm. She was perhaps more permanently marked by watching that same librarian, some years later, argue respectfully but passionately with a man who had thrown away a book he'd checked out, claiming it was obscene". - About the book: "Marian, the lesbian librarian, works in the library in Iowa City. Being a librarian means being a keeper of dreams. Her life's passion is books and history, though she'd like to find a woman to feel passionate about and sets out on a regimen of dating".

  • reading diary
  • currently reading (private): Gustav von Moser: Der Bibliothekar. Schwank in vier Akten. New York: American Book Company 1902
  • currently reading (private): Michel Houellebecq: Elementarteilchen (after having watched the film by Oskar Roehler on friday, I decided to start reading the book I've already bought in the year 2000)
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