Friday, November 03, 2006

The gifted reader's bill of rights

  • The right to read at a pace and level appropriate to readiness without regard to grade placement
  • The right to discuss interpretations, issues, and insights with intellectual peers
  • The right to reread many books and not finish every book
  • The right to use reading to explore new and challenging information and grow intellectually
  • The right for time to pursue a self-selected topic in depth through reading and writing
  • The right to encounter and apply increasingly advanced vocabulary, word study, and concepts
  • The right to guidance rather than dictation of what is good literature and how to find the best
  • The right to read several books at the same time
  • The right to discuss but not have to defend reading choice and taste
  • The right to be excused from material already learned

  • Quelle: Bertie Kingore: "Reading Instruction for the Primary Gifted Learner". In: Understanding Our Gifted 15 (2002) 1, S. 12 - 15

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