Thursday, November 23, 2006

"A Step Shy of Book-Burning"

"A Step Shy of Book-Burning", so betitelt Kelpie Wilson auf Alternet ihren Artikel über die Sperre der Bibliotheken bei der Environmental Protection Agency für die Öffentlichkeit und die eigenen MitarbeiterInnen: "In August, under the guise of fiscal responsibility, the Bush Environmental Protection Agency began closing most of its research libraries, both to the public and to its own staff. (...) While the official EPA line is that all of the documents will be eventually be digitized and made available online, this will cost money that the agency does not have, so for practical purposes, all of the thousands of reports and maps that now exist only on paper or microfiche will be lost to the public and to agency scientists. They might as well just burn them".
Auf der Website der Bibliothek heißt es nun: "Beginning October 1, 2006, EPA is transitioning to the new National Framework for the Headquarters and Regional Libraries. This document describes the new model EPA will implement to ensure that the public continues to receive quality library services."

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