Saturday, April 28, 2007

reading diary

  • just finished: Jeannie Ebner: Aktäon (published 1983, really interesting, as the author describes her erotic fascination by a man 18 years younger - I think this is an unusual book for a female author of 65 in the early 1980s. By the way, she talks about existing persons and real life, just a bit veiled by literature. I have to find out who the "feinfühliger Jäger" is - I guess it's obvious for connaisseuses of the 1980's literary world in Austria, anyway, but I have to search for it)
  • just finished: Jo Dereske: Catalogue of Death (As a lover of Miss Zukas mysteries, I was a bit disappointed about that one. I think it's my least favourite of the series. Maybe I expected a stronger reconciliation of Helma and Wayne - in one of the other volumes, he introduced her to his children, and now they are on "Miss Zukas"-terms again. But there are certain hints that there will be a next volume...)
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