Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BBB news

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn im Überblick.

  • Fran Stewart: Orange as Marmalade. 2. Aufl. Doggie in the Window Publications 2004 ("small town librarian Biscuit McKee finds a body in the library")
  • Adriana Ercolano: "'But it's not my job …': The role librarians play in library development". In: Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances 20 (2007) 2, S. 94 - 96
  • Fran Stewart: Yellow as legal pads. Doggie in the Window Publications 2004 ("Biscuit and Bob are enjoying their honeymoon at a small hotel near Savannah, until Margaret Casperson, a wealthy friend of theirs from Martinsville, falls against their door in the middle of the night. Why would anyone want to poison dear Margaret?")
  • Fran Stewart: Green as a Garden Hose. Doggie in the Window Publications 2005 ("Today started off in such an ordinary way. But now I, Bisque McKee, Martinsville's librarian, was clinging to a cliff, staring at Diane Marie Ames' body forty feet below me")
  • Fran Stewart: Blue as blue jeans. Doggie in the Window Publications 2005 ("Once again Biscuit McKee, the town librarian, struggles with the wide-ranging ripples that distrust spreads through a community")
  • Christoph Klinger: Die Spur im Morgenrot. novum 2005
  • Jane Walton: "Career Planning in the LIS Sector in the 21st Century". In. Journal of the Career Development Group 9 (2006) 1, S. 18
  • N.N.: "Allie Beth Martin, 1914-76". In: School Library Journal 22 (1976) 9, S. 11
  • Mary Ramsey: "Is the Law Library a Woman's World?". In: AALL Spectrum 10 (2006) 4, S. 16 - 36
  • Donald C. Boyd: "The Book Women of Kentucky: The WPA Pack Horse Library Project, 1936-1943". In: Libraries & the Cultural Record 42 (2007) 2, S. 111 - 128
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