Tuesday, July 25, 2006

reading diary

  • currently reviewing: Margaret Truman: Murder at the national gallery. New York: Fawcett 1996
  • currently reading for reviewing later: Shane Maloney: Künstlerpech. Zürich: Diogenes 2002 (originally: The brush-off. Melbourne: Text Publ. 1996. -- Review "Kulturschock mal anders" by Torsten Gellner at literaturkritik.de)
  • currently reading for professional purposes: Susan Sharpless Smith: Web-based instruction. A guide for libraries. ALA 2001. -- Anne Marie Casey (ed.): Off-campus library services. New York: Haworth 2001. -- Universitätsbibliothek Hagen: Literaturversorgung und Bibliotheksbenutzung im Fernstudium, 2006.
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