Wednesday, January 02, 2008

BibliothekarInnen und die linke Hand

Mit "Librarians and left-handedness" hat sich Renee A. Bosman in ihrer online nachzulesenden Master Thesis an der School of Information and Library Science der University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill auseinandergesetzt: "About eleven percent of the world's population is left-handed, yet casual observation has led me to believe that significantly more than eleven percent of librarians are left-handed. The purpose of this research is to explore both the concept of left-handedness and the profession of librarianship, in an attempt to ascertain any similarities between the two that may lead a larger-than-average number of left-handed people to the library profession". - Zitat: "Initially, one would assume that there is a disparity between the popular notion of right-brained thinking (...) and the bookish, analytic, language and reading focused, left-brain centered popular idea of what the schoolmarmish librarian does all day" ;-)

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  1. Oh, das muss ich lesen :) als Bibliothekarin und Linkshänderin.