Monday, January 07, 2008

reading and watching diary

  • finished today: Nivessa Rovedo Hatsley: The lively life of Camilla Delibris, the librarian. A novel. New York: iUniverse 2005 - a librarian feels the need to decide between marriage and independence (no, it's not the 19th century the author talks about) but doesn't really decide. She describes her experiences with her fiance and with her work in the New Pastures Public Library. The story, written in form of a diary, is funny, but lacks a satisfying end. The book is full of spelling mistakes and missing punctuating marks between and within sentences (seems to be a case of negligence more than of ignorance) - but maybe this is on purpose as it represents a maybe quickly written diary, who knows. - As it was printed with a self-publishing company maybe the author wrote it for a person she knows, maybe a person being confronted with a similar decision.
  • currently re-read: Miriam Grace Monfredo: Seneca Falls Inheritance
  • watched on the week-end on DVD: Nanook of the North (a cinematographic milestone, a fascinating and touching black&white documentary about an eskimo family from 1922) - for more information see "How I Filmed Nanook of the North" by director Robert J. Flaherty and an excerpt at YouTube
  • watched on the week-end at the cinema: The Darjeeling Unlimited. Humorous and witty, great actors, made me smile.
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