Monday, January 07, 2008

Neuerscheinungen: Sexy librarian / Evil librarians

Julia Weist: Sexy Librarian. Ellen Lupton Publ. 2007 (including the essay "In search of the sexy librarian" by Jennifer Tobias which can be read online): "Sexy Librarian introduces us to Audrey Reed, a New York artist who trades her hip urban life for a job at a small public library Minnesota. Away from the frenetic art world, Audrey hopes to find herself, and with the help of some hard words and hot nights, she succeeds. With wry and unflinching candor, Audrey explores the Midwest, her past and, inconveniently, her boss's ex-husband. In a town of closed minds and open stacks, Audrey learns that there is more to a library than its holdings, and that she may still have the ability to fall in love".

Brandon Sanderson: Alcatraz versus the evil librarians. Scholastic 2007: "Alcatraz Smedry doesn't seem destined for anything but disaster. On his 13th birthday he receives a bag of sand, which is quickly stolen by the cult of evil Librarians plotting to take over the world. The sand will give the Librarians the edge they need to achieve world domination. Alcatraz must stop them!... by infiltrating the local library, armed with nothing but eyeglasses and a talent for klutziness".

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