Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Neuer Bibliotheks-Roman: Quiet please

Im März wird der Roman "Quiet please" von Scott Douglas, Bibliothekar in der Anaheim Public Library, bei Da Capo Press erscheinen. Aus der Beschreibung bei Amazon: "For most of us, librarians are the quiet people behind the desk, who, apart from the occasional "shush," vanish into the background. But (...) Scott Douglas puts the quirky caretakers of our literature front and center. With a keen eye for the absurd and a Kesey-esque cast of characters, Douglas takes us where few readers have gone before". Douglas schreibt übrigens bei McSweeney's die "Dispatches from a public librarian". - Quelle: Speak quietly via

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  1. My German is rusty (I think that's German anyway), so I'm not quite sure everything you said, but thank you for the link.