Sunday, August 02, 2009

Twitter-Auslese 17.-24.7.

  • Lolcats + Librarians = Liblols! - see Flickr:
  • normt gerade Personen, die in griechischen Badeorten wohn(t)en - zur Abstimmung von Arbeit und Wetter
  • Wort des Tages: Notfallsprozent
  • hihi! willhaben RT @OReilly_Verlag The Unknown Harry Potter Stories from Russia: #Porry Gatter & the Stoned Philosopher
  • wieder bringt mich die PND mit Verweisungsformen zum Schmunzeln: "Shutifuta, Adaruberuto"
  • RT @MrMLibrarian Boys may not see reading fiction as a useful way to spend their time. Read More -
  • Trainerin bei "Fit durch den Sommer" sagte heute: "Bewegen Sie die Arme, als ob Sie stempeln würden" - wenn die wüsste! ;-) #librarian
  • Beschreibung des Tages: "geistig nicht überagil" (Presse, 15. Februar 1951, S. 3, über Frau, die Heiratsschwindler aufsaß)
  • orang-utan #librarian as goalie in forthcoming Pratchett novel "Unseen Academicals" - via @Kaess
  • RT @wawoodworth today's challenge: saying 'yes' to a patron for something that ordinarily you would say 'no' to (within reason, of course)
  • RT @bohyunkim Just thinking Twitter reveals how geeky some librarians are :-)
  • David Lee King (@davidleeking) explains "How Not to Tweet" as a library -
  • RT @OCLC Rejecta Mathematica, an open access journal for papers rejected by peer-reviewed math pubs, goes live.
  • received inquiry of man who paid 400 Euro for importing a cat from Kamerun - is it surprising he never saw cat & will never see money again?
  • eine Kuh macht... :-)
  • "When I think of librarians, I think of how much like the Internet they’d be if they were drunk & wouldn't shut up".
  • da ist was Wahres dran - Bobbi L. Newman: "Why I'm over people twittering conferences, meetings",
  • RT @spoofscript Thought of the best #asperger t-shirt ever "I've got a diagnosed neurological condition, what's your excuse?"
  • nömix-Blog berichtet über grandiose "Österreich"-Schlagzeile: "Opfer erzählt: So traf mich der Todesblitz" -
  • finished "speed of dark" in the lunch break, loved it, but now thinks a lot about the ending and the main character's decision #asperger
  • Status: 3555 Datensätze genormt, 592 zur Lieferung an die DNB bereit
  • Mordac, the preventer of information services, is back: My favourite: #dilbert
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