Monday, March 24, 2008

Are you ready for National Library Week?

Logo National Library Workers Day 2008The National Library Week, a nation-wide promotion of libraries and library services in the USA taking place this year from April 13 to 19, was founded exactly fifty years ago. This year's theme is "Join the circle of knowledge @ your library". The American Library Association offers a variety of materials such as posters, buttons and bookmarks in its shop. In April, also the School Library Media Month, the Support Teen Literature Day and the National Library Workers Day (this year's motto "Libraries work because we do") are celebrated: "NLWD is also a day when library staff can educate library users about the knowledge, skills and qualifications of library employees, the kinds of work they do, the necessary services they provide, and the inadequate wages and salaries many of them receive, with a particular focus on the need for all libraries to pay all their employees at least a living wage and at rates commensurate with their education, training and skills".

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