Friday, March 14, 2008

"most librarians are wimps"

"The truth is most librarians are wimps. We are not more physically cowardly than the next guy, but we make up for that with personality traits and professional conditioning that rob us of our starch. We are just so doggone accommodating, so willing to see the other person's point of view, that if we can make the public or our bosses happy by removing our spine and laying it on the table, we will reach around to our back and search for a zipper to pull".

Linda Koss: "The Truth About Libraryland". In: Library Journal 130 (2005) 13, S. 5. Der Grund, warum ich in den letzten Tagen gerade so viel über Berufsbild & Image gepostet habe, liegt übrigens darin, dass ich gerade an einem Artikel für BuB zum Thema Fremdbild arbeite. Bin schon in der Endphase, was auch gut ist, weil der Text heute fällig ist - also in genau neun Stunden ;-)

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