Saturday, March 08, 2008

"A Susan Henshaw Mystery" in der Bibliothek

Entdeckt über die Amazon-Tagsuche: "All Hallows' Evil: A Susan Henshaw Mystery" von Valerie Wolzien, erschienen 1992 bei Fawcett. Zum Inhalt: "The first indication that something is amiss in Hancock, Conn., comes when housewife Susan Henshaw happens upon a dying man with a knife stuck in his chest at the town library; a second corpse, that of a TV anchorman who worked with the first victim, is found in his yard shortly afterward. Amateur sleuth Susan, who's buddy-buddy with local cops, interrogates librarians who might provide clues, noses around crime scenes and plays host to the anchor's gorgeous, bereaved wife, an anchor herself (...)".

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