Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guide to 19th century library statistics

Robert V. Williams, Emeritus an der University of South Carolina, hat gemeinsam mit Mittie Kristina McLean und anderen HelferInnen einen bibliographischen Führer durch "19th century library statistics for the US" zusammengestellt, den er wie folgt beschreibt: "This guide begins with the first identified survey of libraries in 1829 and covers all known surveys or studies of national scope to 1899. It includes informaton on: survey date; compiler; purpose of the survey; library types included; list of all variables covered in the survey (e.g., number of volumes, name of librarian, place/city, volumes added annually, value of library, etc.); method of study or survey; completeness (when known); quality (when known) and where published (usually a US government agency but also in journals, etc. of the period). The guide covers only surveys or studies of libraries that covered the entire US (as it existed at the time) with occasional references to reports at state and city levels. Library types covered in the surveys for this period include: social, private, subscription, public, academic, school, special, state/government, and others". (ZItat und Hinweis aus Jesse).

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