Friday, May 23, 2008


Ich lese seit kurzem die sehr interessante Mailingliste NGC4Lib - "Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries". Im Moment wird zum Beispiel über Recommender-Systeme und deren potentielle Auswirkungen auf die Privatsphäre der BenutzerInnen diskutiert. Es gibt übrigens ein Archiv, wo man auch einen RSS-Feed der Liste abonnieren kann. - Aus der Beschreibung: "The mailing list is open to anybody in the world, and its purpose is to discuss things including but not limited to:
* Who are the primary intended audiences for a library's "card catalog"?
* Considering the changing nature of information access in an Internet environment, how is an electronic "card catalog" of today different from the one designed ten or fifteen years ago?
* What kind of content should these "card catalogs" contain?
* To what degree are these things "catalogs" (as in inventory lists), and to what degree are they finding aids?
* To what degree should traditional cataloging practices be used in such a thing, or to what degree should new and upcoming practices such as FRBR be exploited?
* How would such a thing get created and by whom?
* What are some of the functionalities of "next generation" catalog?
* How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

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