Wednesday, July 23, 2008

reading diary

Last weekend, I took Friday off and went to Styria to hike, find mushrooms, sleep late and read (and to work, but I didn't do that, as I should have expected). I started and read Britta Stengls university novel "Stiftlingen" and I finished Kirsten Dinnall Hoytes "Black marks". I really like novels in an academic setting - I immediately requested some David Lodge novels in the university library. I have already enjoyed the trilogy of "Changing places. A tale of two campuses", "Small world. An academic romance", and "Nice work".
Besides, last week, I started to re-read or re-browse several books starring librarians (because I currently write an article about "sensible shoes") such as Jo Dereskes "Miss Zukas shelves the evidence", Charlaine Harris' Aurora Teagarden mystery "Last scene alive" and Veronica Stallwoods "Oxford exit". One paragraph in the latter made me smile: "'Brain-dead,' she said to Andrew, when they were sitting in the Crypt for a relaxing end-of-day drink. 'That's how I'm feeling. I'd forgotten the effect that hours of cataloguing have on you. My eyes are focused at a point eighteen inches away and I cannot uncross them. My fingers are stiff from hitting the same small selection of keys. My mind is numb from concentrating on those flickering green words and puzzling over trivial problems such as whether the main entry is or is not in the body" (Veronica Stallwood: Oxford exit. Headline 2005, p. 79). Familiar ring? ;-)
update: On Monday, while commuting, I read "Okkulte Erlebnisse" by Bianca Beck-Rzikowsky, a report based on personal experience about parapsychological phenomena.

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