Tuesday, April 07, 2009

CIA gewährt nur "halben" Zugang

Secrecy News meldet, dass die CIA ihre "CREST"-Datenbank mit freigegebenen Dokumenten nicht online zugänglich machen will und zitiert aus dem Artikel "Inside the CIA's (Sort of) Secret Document Stash" von Bruce Falconer, der am 3. April im Mother Jones magazine" erschienen ist: "In a quiet, fluorescently lit room in the National Archives' auxiliary campus in suburban College Park, Maryland, 10 miles outside of Washington, are four computer terminals, each providing instant access to the more than 10 million pages of documents the CIA has declassified since 1995. There's only one problem: these are the only publicly available computers in the world that do so. (...) Among the CIA's concerns, says a National Archives librarian who oversees CREST, is that an online database would undermine the agency's ability to protect the information from hackers and others who might wish to alter its contents". - Secrecy News kommentiert: "By refusing to place the CREST database online (or to release it to others who will do so), the CIA is undermining the 'effective utilization' of this existing agency database".

Auf der Website der National Archives liest man zu CREST folgendes: "CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) is the name of the CIA database of declassified intelligence documents. The database, searchable by title, data, and text content, includes Directorate of Operations reports on the role of intelligence in the post WW-II period; material on the creation, organization, and role of the CIA within the U.S. Government; a collection of foreign scientific articles, ground photographs and associated reference materials; and the CIA's first release of motion picture film. This database is available in the Archives II Library (Room 3000)".

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