Friday, September 10, 2021

Annotated Bibliography of Gay and Queer Males in Mystery

Der Bibliothekar und Forscher Matt Lubbers-Moore verzeichnet in der annotierten Bibliographie "Murder and Mayhem" schwule und queere männliche Figuren in englischsprachigen Krimis von 1909 bis 2018. Er "collects and examines every mystery novel to include a gay or queer male in the English language starting with the 1909 Arthur Conan Doyle short story 'The Man with the Watches,' which is included in its entirety. Authors, titles, dates published, publishers, book series, short blurbs, and a description of how involved the gay or queer male character is with the mystery are all included for a full bibliographic background".

ReQueered Tales

Lubbers-Moore ist - gemeinsam mit Justene Adamec und Alexander Inglis - Mitbegründer des Verlags ReQueered Tales. Der Verlag hat sich zur Aufgabe gesetzt, schwule und lesbische Literatur aus den 1960ern bis 1990ern wiederaufzulegen: "Perhaps forty years of gay fiction – and notably gay and lesbian mystery, detective and suspense fiction – has been teetering on the brink of obscurity. Orphaned works, orphaned authors, many living and some having passed away – with no one to make the case for their creations to be returned to print (and e-print!)."

Hinweis auf den Verlag aus dem Blog Meg Perry Books. Siehe auch Beitrag auf der Seite von Lambda Literary.