Friday, October 13, 2006

Slowenischer Zentralkatalog für Public Sector Information

"The Slovenian Ministry for Public Affairs has established a central on-line catalogue of public information. The catalogue provides rapid access to the information libraries of all public institutions, in accordance with the Act on Access to Public Information which requires all public information to be accessible centrally.
The Central Catalogue of Public Information is available on and also through the State e-Government Portal It is designed to allow direct access to the information records of different state institutions. This information is made freely available both to citizens and companies. There are no particular restrictions on the access to this information or its further use. In addition, as all information is provided directly from the source, the highest possible level of authenticity is ensured.
The Central Catalogue of Public Information is not only intended for people or companies seeking public information, but also for all bodies involved in providing public information, whether they be State bodies, local government offices, public agencies or public service contractors.
The portal may be used to access important sector-specific legislation and the public information libraries of individual bodies. It monitors the performance of the Information Commissioner and provides links to a wide range of websites and news services that may be of public interest".
Source: eGovernment News / European Communities, 11. September 2006. "Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged".

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