Tuesday, January 09, 2007

five things you didn't know about library mistress

There's kind of a game going on in the scene of "liblogarians" (term first seen at Rambling librarian's weblog) - confess five things blog readers don't know about you and get other library bloggers to do the same. I've been "tagged" by Michael Casey (LibraryCrunch) who was tagged by Michael Stephens (Tame the web) who was tagged by Phil Bradley who was tagged by Danny Sullivan (Daggle). Because breaking the chain causes misfortune ;-) I'll comply.
  1. in my journalist era, many years ago, I once wrote a critique about a recently established choir that was unfair, and I still have regrets about that because I privileged a not-even-very-funny pun over the singers' feelings. They called themselves "singing circle" (Singkreis), and I wrote they should better circle than sing.
  2. I had applied for a library job years before I started my LIS studies and I was rejected because of being "overqualified" - it was a "c" position, and I didn't know what that means at that time. In retrospect, my rejection was good - I was very disappointed, though, because I urgently wanted to move out from my parents' house at that time and needed money.
  3. I owe my current life to McDonald's. How come? I worked one month at McDonald's, and it was that terrible that I vowed to never work there again, so next year (1994) I applied to one of the local newspapers and was accepted. During an appointment for this newspaper, I learned to know a young man with whom I became (not only) friends, and he happened to visit the 1998 education fair in Vienna and brought me a leaflet of the then new LIS study programme in Eisenstadt because he thought I would be interested. And I was, and so here I am.
  4. During a seminar, the trainer asked us to write down things we would want to deal with if we knew we died tomorrow. Top on my list was to reconcile with my sister who doesn't talk to me anymore, the reason for which is not really my fault.
  5. The places I can concentrate best are the cafeteria near the department of ancient history and the cafeteria at the so-called "philosophers' staircase", both at the University of Vienna. You see the problem: I don't work there.
I myself nominate Andreas Hepperger; one of the contributors to the IB Weblog and Netbib; the vampire librarian and Miss Information.


  1. Interesting five things!

    I finally posted my 5 things. Thanks for the tag.

  2. On point number 1, ooh that certainly wasn't a nice way to put it (fair or not fair). But your admission on your blog took courage too, so maybe you can at least make peace with yourself now :)