Thursday, January 18, 2007

"a legion of angry librarians"

"I love librarians. The stereotypical image of these people is that of a middle-aged woman with calf-length tweed skirt, hair tied back in a bun, thick-rimmed glasses, sharp features and a personality to match. But that's way out of date", steht im neuseeländischen Aardvark Daily-Weblog zu lesen.
Der Eintrag berichtet über die (erfolgreichen) Proteste gegen eine "bibliotheks-feindliche" Fernsehwerbung der dortigen Telecom. Der Autor oder die Autorin gibt der Anzeige jedenfalls inhaltlich recht: "Maybe Google doesn't have the wit, charm and friendly mannerisms of your local librarian but, when used properly, it's a damned quick and efficient way to track down that information you're looking for. What's more, Google's plan to digitise an incredible array of printed works makes the library even less relevant to a generation brought up behind a keyboard rather than the printed page. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating the elimination of libraries or those whose job it is to pinpoint the information held in them (heaven forbid that *I* incur the wrath of the librarian-army) -- but I am stating the obvious".

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