Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Library Ladies and the Body behind the Library

I recently finished reading "The Library Ladies and the Body behind the Library" by Marie Green on my Kindle and enjoyed it mostly. I wrote the following review for the Amazon website: "I liked the story, especially the way how Green lines up the depictions of what happens in each of the library ladies' life when they are not together. And the characters are inventive and (mostly ;-) likeable. I would like to read more adventures of the library ladies. Why I was in a struggle to give three stars: There are a lot of typos and spelling errors which could easily have been avoided if someone would have proofread: e.g. numerous 's where -s oder -ies should be (hour's, cookie's, summer's, temper's, seventy's) missing spaces (filthyalleyafter), missing apostrophes (cant), missing punctuation, typos (Shelock; "your" instead of "you're"), formatting errors (e.g. paragraphs in the middle of a sentence)...".
One funny paragraph about one of the library ladies prone to telling unlikely stories: "They were all so used to Matilda's yarns that no one bothered to sort the fiction from non fiction any more - shocking for library staff really, with classification being so important for the books". And about a suspect in the library: "He spent forty minutes with Mrs Bellard trying to find a book on goldfish depression - there is no way he is a criminal".

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