Sunday, January 26, 2014

CfP: Where are all the Librarians of Color?

Rebecca Hankins and Miguel Juárez suchen Beiträge für ein Buch mit dem Arbeitstitel "Where are all the Librarians of Color? The Experiences of People of Color in Academia" herausgeben, das bei Litwin Books in der Reihe "Series on Critical Multiculturalism in Information Studies" erscheinen wird.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 31, 2014. Format: Contributions should be approximately 3,000 to 7,000 words, prepared in Word, and should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, notes and bibliography documentation system.
Litwin Books (Imprint: Library Juice Press) invites original papers for a new volume in its series: Critical Multiculturalism in Information Studies. This edited volume seeks to address the shared experiences of academic librarians of color, i.e. Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans. These experiences are very similar and offer a narrative that explains the lack of librarians of color in academia especially those librarians that have experienced the daunting academic tenure process. We seek contributors involved in the recruitment of librarians of color in the United States and Canada. We especially seek those who are interested in sharing and speaking candidly about their experience of recruitment, tenure, and retention.
This monograph will offer a comprehensive look at the experiences of people of color after the recruitment is over, the diversity box is checked, and the statistics are reported. What are the retention, job satisfaction, and tenure experiences of librarians of color? The authors will look at the history of librarians of color in academia, review of the literature, obstacles, roles, leadership, and the tenure process for those that endure. What are the recruitment and retention methods employed to create a diverse workforce, successes and failures? Finally what are some mentoring strategies that work to make the library environment less exploitative and toxic for librarians of color?

Topic to consider from a theoretical and/or practical perspective:

  • Glass ceiling for academic librarians of color
  • Stereotypes of academic librarians of color
  • Lack of managerial opportunities for librarians of color
  • Expectations for librarians of color from our communities
  • Expectations from libraries for academic librarians of color
  • How librarians of color have collaborated with other units and or teaching faculty
  • What does tenure mean for librarians of color?
  • What tenure doesn’t mean for librarians of color?
  • What can librarians of color do to strengthen the pipeline?
  • The importance of mentoring or being a mentee for academic librarians of color
  • Issues in retention and promotion for academic librarians of color
  • Being the only one or the remaining professional of color hired in a department, or being the vocal one, while other librarians of color are quiet.
  • Discrimination and litigation issues
  • Timeline
Please send 500-word abstracts and a brief CV with relevant publications by January 31, 2014. Notification of acceptance will be sent by February 28, 2014. Accepted authors should submit articles for review by June 15, 2014. Deadline for submission of final articles with revisions is July 31, 2014. For more information or questions, please contact Rebecca Hankins or Miguel Juárez.

Hinweis aus: stanley-k bzw. AFAS-ACRL.

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