Sunday, April 20, 2014

Numerical Feminization of Public Librarianship in England

Neuerscheinung: Sterling Joseph Coleman, Jr: "'No room for her here!' The Numerical Feminization of Public Librarianship in England, 1871–1914" In: Library & Information History 30 (2014) 2, S. 90 - 109,
Abstract: "This study will examine the extent to which the provisions of the Public Libraries Acts of 1850 and 1855, the overcrowding of traditional female professions and the Langham Place Circle served as the social, economic, and ideological catalysts which started the numerical feminization of English public librarianship during the long nineteenth century. It will explore how English lower-middle-class and upper-working-class women came to view public librarianship both as a socially respectable profession to enter and as a profession suitable for their sex".

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