Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dictionary of imaginary places

Was für ein tolles Werk! Ein Glück, dass ich gerade Twitter aufgedreht hatte, sonst wäre meine Wunschliste um ein Buch ärmer! Die englischsprachige Wikipedia schreibt dazu:

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places (1980, 1987, 1999) is a book written by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi. It takes the form of a catalogue of fantasy lands, islands, cities, and other locations from world literature—"a Baedecker or traveller's guide...a nineteenth-century gazetteer" for mental travelling.

Und was ich bei der Suche nach dem Buch auch gleich entdeckt habe: "The Book of Legendary Lands" von Umberto Eco. Aus der Beschreibung:

A fascinating illustrated tour of the fabled places in literature and folklore that have awed, troubled, and eluded us through the ages. From the epic poets of antiquity to contemporary writers of science fiction, from the authors of the Holy Scriptures to modern raconteurs of fairy tales, writers and storytellers through the ages have invented imaginary and mythical lands, projecting onto them all of our human dreams, ideals, and fear.

Und dann fehlt noch der "Micro nations"-Führer von Lonely Planet:

a fully illustrated, humorous mock-guidebook to the nations people create in their own backyards ;-)

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