Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Elevator Pitch for File Naming Conventions

Meghan Frazer hat für das ARCL TechConnect-Blog einen interessanten Beitrag über Dateinamenkonventionen geschrieben: "An Elevator Pitch for File Naming Conventions".

// As a curator and a coder, I know it is essential to use naming conventions. It is important to employ a consistent approach when naming digital files or software components such as modules or variables. However, when a student assistant asked me recently why it was important not to use spaces in our image file names, I struggled to come up with an answer. 'Because I said so,' while tempting, is not really an acceptable response. Why, in fact, is this important? For this blog entry, I set out to answer this question and to see if, along the way, I could develop an 'elevator pitch' – a short spiel on the reasoning behind file naming conventions. //

(zum Begriff des Elevator Pitch)

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