Tuesday, January 30, 2018

BBB news. Neue Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in

Patricia Mars: "Gender Demographics and Perception in Librarianship". In: School of Information Student Research Journal 7 (2018) 2, Article 3

Elizabeth A. Titus: "A recommended methodology for determining the disparity between women's salary levels and those of men in the librarian professorate in an academic library setting". In: Edward D. Garten / Delmus E. Williams (Hrsg.): Advances in Library Administration and Organization (Advances in Library Administration and Organization, Volume 18) Emerald 2001, S. 123-173

Scott Kennedy: "Farewell to the Reference Librarian". In: Journal of Library Administration 51 (2011) 4, S. 319-325

Tina M. Neville / Deborah B. Henry: "Career Plateauing among Senior Librarians". In: Journal of Library Administration 57 (2017) 6, S. 651-673

Anna Knoll (geb. Lamparter): "Kompetenzprofil von Information Professionals in Unternehmen". In: Young Information Scientist 1/2016

Anna Lamparter: Kompetenzprofil für Information Professionals in Unternehmen. Hannover, Hochschule, Masterarbeit, 2015

Claire Squires: Publishing's diversity deficit. University of Leicester, Research Institute for cultural and media economies 2017 (CAMEo Cuts 2)

H.D.K.: "The Librarians' Impasse". In: Occupations: The Vocational Guidance Journal 25 (1947) 5, S. 281-282

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick: "The Low Morale Experience of Academic Librarians: A Phenomenological Study". In: Journal of Library Administration 57 (2017) 8, S. 846-878

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