Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Über die Arbeit der Zeitungsarchivarinnen

Die britische Tageszeitung "The Guardian" stellt im Artikel "Best kept secrets: how the Guardian archive tells the story behind the stories" die Arbeit der Archivarinnen Emma Golding und Philippa Mole vor. Ein willkommener Einblick in die Zeitungsarbeit. Auf die Frage, was das beste an ihrem Job sei, antwortet Emma Golding:
I feel very fortunate as there are loads of aspects to my job that I enjoy but one of things that I get most excited about is delving into new or rarely seen collections and discovering the stories within them. For example, we recently acquired the papers of the Guardian's first Africa correspondent, Clyde Sanger. I'm currently in the process of surveying the collection, but so far I've unearthed fascinating notebooks, correspondence and political campaign material from late 1950s and early 1960s Africa, when many nations were gaining independence.
Außerdem werden diese Fragen beantwortet: How do you decide what goes in to the archive? Do you have any favourite pieces? How did you come to work in the Guardian archives? How does it compare with other jobs you've had? What does your average day look like? Which teams do you work with around the building? How much of the archive is digitised? Can you tell us what's coming up for the archives? Which present day news stories do you think will feature most prominently in the archives?

Zitat von Philippa Mole zum Abschluss:

Archivists in books and films always seem to be found cloistered in dusty basements, often wearing tweed or giant cardigans. In reality, though, we need to be out in the business, working with colleagues from different areas to get the job done.

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