Thursday, November 01, 2018

BBB news: Neue Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in

Jaena Alabi: "From Hostile to Inclusive: Strategies for Improving the Racial Climate of Academic Libraries". In: Library Trends 67 (2018) 1, S. 131-146

Bridget Farrell / Jaena Alabi / Pambanisha Whaley / Claudine Jenda: "Addressing Psychosocial Factors with Library Mentoring". In: portal: Libraries and the Academy 17 (2017) 1

Maurice B. Wheeler / Daniella Smith: "Race and Leadership in Library and Information Science Education: A Study of African American Administrators". In: Library Trends 67 (2018) 1, S. 23-38

Isabel Espinal / Tonia Sutherland / Charlotte Roh: "A Holistic Approach for Inclusive Librarianship: Decentering Whiteness in Our Profession". In: Library Trends 67 (2018) 1

LaTesha Velez / Melissa Villa-Nicholas: "Mapping Race and Racism in U.S. Library History Literature, 1997–2015". In: Library Trends 65 (2017) 4, S. 540-554

Chloe Mills / Ian McCullough: "Academic Librarians and Labor Unions: Attitudes and Experiences". In: portal: Libraries and the Academy 18 (2018) 4, S. 805-829

Jaya Raju: "Information Professional or IT Professional? The Knowledge and Skills Required by Academic Librarians in the Digital Library Environment". In: portal: Libraries and the Academy 17 (2017) 4, S. 739-757

Jennifer Ferguson: "Additional Degree Required? Advanced Subject Knowledge and Academic Librarianship". In: portal: Libraries and the Academy 16 (2016) 4, S. 721-736

William H. Walters: "The Faculty Subculture, the Librarian Subculture, and Librarians' Scholarly Productivity". In: portal: Libraries and the Academy 16 (2016) 4, S. 817-843

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