Thursday, January 22, 2004

At the moment, I'm doing my evening duty in the library, with, as usual, approximately no, null, nought, zero, nil users coming around. So I'll use the time to rant and moan about my two exams next Wednesday. Both lectures at Vienna University were interesting and exciting, but there's a lot to read and learn. Of course I could have started earlier, but hey, it's me!
Of all the books I had to read this term, I especially liked the following ones: "Kassandra" (Christa Wolf, narrative), "Heldenplatz" (Thomas Bernhard, drama), the short novels of Karl Emil Franzos, as well as his novel "Pojaz" dealing with Judaism in the eastern parts of the Austrian-hungarian monarchy, and "Lotti, die Uhrmacherin" (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, novel). The absolutely lowest point for me was "Kalldewey Farce" by the German dramatist Botho Strauß.

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