Monday, January 26, 2004

There are a lot of job titles for librarians - just have a look @ the job title generator. Recently, I read an interesting one: "knowledge sources management". I don't know if I should really like it. If the majority of non-librarians reacts to the word "librarian" with an epitheton not really ornans like "boring", "old-fashioned", "not interesting", and if this majority says "hey, knowledge sources management sounds cool", well, then let's do something for our image. Sounds comprehensible. But: I'm proud of being a LIBRARIAN and nothing else, and if those people with a horizon as high as a carpet don't know that librarians are at least as cool as knowledge sources managers, they can't be helped. Of course, this sounds arrogant. So, concluding, I don't know if I should really like it or not.

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