Monday, February 09, 2004

I recently bought a kitschy romance, called "The librarian's passionate night" written by Cindy Gerard and published by Silhouette books. Now I just discovered that this is not the only Silhouette novel starring librarians, they rather seem to be uncountable (okay, it's hyperbolic):
Sharon Sala: Amber by Night (2003); Allison Leigh: Montana Lawman (2002); Elizabeth Bevarly: The Temptation of Rory Monahan (2001); Carol Grace: The Librarian's Secret Wish (2000); Elizabeth Harbison: Annie and the Prince (2000); Sally Tyler Hayes: Cinderella and the Spy (2000); Nikki Benjamin: The Major & the Librarian (1999); Caroline Cross: The Notorious Groom (1998); Barbara McMahon: Cinderella Twin (1998); Kathryn Jensen: I married a prince (1997); Linda Turner: Maddy Lawrence's Big Adventure (1996); Glenda Sanders: Look Into My Eyes (1995); Laurie Campbell: And Father Makes Three (1995); Cathie Linz: Handyman (1991); Emilie Richards: Runaway (1990); Stephanie James: Velvet Touch (1982)...
As far I can say from the short descriptions on and, most of these (female) librarians have something in common: They are mid30s, unmarried, still virgins and longing for a man like they use to read about...

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