Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I'm planning to introduce remarkable libraries here, and I'm starting with the "Literaturhaus Mattersburg". It offers a library with about 7000 books - its main focus being on central european literature, Austrian contemporary fiction, ethnic minorities, judaism, exile - and a carefully selected children's library. The libraries are opened Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 6, Friday from 9 to 1 o'clock.
There are also a lot of literary activities, like children's storytime at night and readings from centraleuropean authors. Yesterday, the new series "literatur nach tisch" was started, taking place one Tuesday a month on 2 o'clock. The title is a play on words, so not easy to translate, but "nach-tisch" means "dessert" as well as "after dinner". Here people involved in the cultural life introduce their favourite books or books on which they want to draw attention.
The head librarian of the Burgenland provincial library, an author himself, introduced two books by authors coming from Burgenland: "Wäre Franz ein Fluss, müsste er pausenlos entspringen" (really can't be translated properly) by Franz Zalto and "Am Pinkaboden" by Friedrich Singer.

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