Thursday, October 04, 2007

Strong meat and better health

"With the passing years Lady Amelia had grown increasingly fond of novels, and of novels of a particular type. They were what the assistant in the circulating library termed 'strong meat' and kept in a hidden place under her desk. It was Miss Myers's duty to fetch and return them. 'Have you anything of the kind Lady Amelia likes?' she would ask sombrely. 'Well, there's this just come in', the assistant would answer, fishing up a volume from somewhere near her feet. (...) 'Women of my age always devote themselves either to religion or novels', [Lady Amelia] said. 'I have remarked among my few surviving friends that those would read novels enjoy far better health'".

Evelyn Waugh: "Period piece". In: Mr Loveday's little outing and other sad stories. Leipzig: The albatross 1937 (= The albatross modern continental library 334), S. 40

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