Tuesday, November 06, 2007

BBB news

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn im Überblick.

  • Óscar Maya Corzo: "Necesitamos un sindicalismo bibliotecario? Notas y apuntes para la reflexión sobre la condición de no identidad bibliotecaria en el ámbito laboral". In: Proceedings 1er Foro Social de Información, Documentación y Bibliotecas, Buenos Aires, 2004.
  • Charlotte Berry, Lucy MacKeith: "Colliding Worlds in the Curatorial Environment: The Archivist and the Activist". In: Journal of the Society of Archivists 28 (2007) 2, S. 139 - 149
  • Steve Bailey: "Taking the Road Less Travelled By: The Future of the Archive and Records Management Profession in the Digital Age". In: Journal of the Society of Archivists 28 (2007) 2, S. 117 - 124
  • Bijayalaxmi Routray Bijaya / Kumar Satpathy Sunil: "Stress management of library and information science professionals in digital environment". In: K.C. Panda Krushna (Hrsg.): Proceedings Librarianship in 21st Century. Sambalpur University 2007, S. 101 - 105
  • A. T. Francis / C. Abdul Razak / K. Humayoon Kabir: "Role of Library and Information Professionals as Teachers and Trainers in Agricultural Education. An Experience of the Kerala Agricultural University, India". In: Proceedings Asia-Pacific Conference on Library and Information Education and Practice, Singapore 2006
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