Friday, November 09, 2007

From "high school plain-Jane" to "spinster librarian"

My newest acquisitions from Amazon have just arrived, and so I'm proud owner of another two librarian "kitsch" romances:

Kimberley White: Ballantyne's destiny. An Arabesque novel. Kimani Press 2006 ("She was the high school 'plain-Jane,' then she put her dreams on hold to help her ailing parents. Now Maddie Ingram is Hannaford Valley's 'spinster librarian,' and she's fed up with being ordinary. But the minute she starts stirring things up in her small town, she gets challenged by the last person she'd ever expect — Chevy Ballantyne, the middle Ballantyne brother who is a lot more than meets the eye...")

Penny McCall: All jacked up. New York: Berkley 2007 ("a steamy debut that pits a book-smart beauty against a buff FBI agent")

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