Friday, February 22, 2008

Spying in Film and Fiction

Dem Thema "Spying in Film and Fiction" widmet sich eine Sonderausgabe der Taylor&Francis-Zeitschrift "Intelligence and National Security": "The articles in this issue of Intelligence and National Security were, with two exceptions, given at a conference on a similar topic. And given the prevailing theme of most of the papers presented in this issue, one might say (paraphrasing Wark) that from the beginning, spy fiction and, especially, spy cinema, has also enjoyed a special license to lie another day. Or, given the inflation adjusted net profit of the already released Bond movies of about $11 billion US dollars, one could even say that the misrepresentations of how intelligence is actually conducted have constituted a golden-lie". Der Artikel "Intelligence in fiction" von Charles McCarry (DOI 10.1080/02684520701798106) ist frei zugänglich. - Die Ausgabe 5 (1990) 4 derselben Zeitschrift war übrigens auch dem Thema "Spy Fiction, Spy Films and Real Intelligence" gewidmet.

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