Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to write badly well

One of the funniest weblogs I am currently subscribed to is "How to write badly well" by Joel Stickley. The posts usually consist of a short piece of advice illustrated by a short text. Currently, there's "sci-fi week" going on, and advice #2 was "Explain everything": "With the sound of the alarm ringing in his ears, Colonel Daringman leapt from his seat, taking full advantage of the reduced gravity environment of Fleet Ship H546-X, a 0.8G inertia field generated by the constant rotary movement of the ship's internal shell which was separated from the blastproof exterior by an atom-thin layer of vacuum and electromagnetic repulsor fields, and ran down the corridor" :-)
One of my all-time favourites (so far) is "Select words for their impressiveness rather than their relevance": "As it was after eight of the clock and I was in a particularly ecbatic frame of psyche, I decided to oscillate by the publican's place of business and masticate the rind for a short sojourn" :-))

P.S.: Stickley is also on Twitter and Google Profiles. - Other recommended weblogs giving writing advice: Write to done and some entries in 101 reasons to stop writing.

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