Monday, May 23, 2011

Human Memory in the Digital Age

Die britische Wissenschaftlerin Abigail Sellen spricht demnächst auf der TU über "Human Memory in the Digital Age":

"Can computers ever completely capture our past experiences? As more and more photos, videos, documents, texts, email and Facebook content is produced, how will we see ourselves and look back on our lives in the future? This talk will look at the fate of human memory in the Digital Age and examine new trends such as life-logging, in which wearable devices allow you to continuously record events in your everyday life. I will argue that these technologies are not capturing memories per se, but rather are capturing data which can trigger memory in different ways. Further I will argue that to understand the relationship between technology and memory, we should turn to the psychology of memory as well as examine how people use digital materials to look back at their lives. I will finish with an exploration of such questions as: How do we manage these vast archives in the future? And, what happens to all of that data when someone dies? Here the focus is not just on the technology, but what all of this will mean into the future, including the social and even ethical issues this raises".

Ort und Zeit: Technische Universität Wien, Seminarraum Zemanek, Favoritenstraße 11 / Erdgeschoß, 1040 Wien, 15. Juni 2011, 15 Uhr. - Da ich mich selber schon mal mit Lifelogging beschäftigt habe (siehe E-LIS), finde ich das sehr interessant!

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