Monday, May 16, 2011

"historical recordings may contain offensive language"

Die Library of Congress hat das Projekt "National Jukebox" gestartet, bei dem historische Aufnahmen des Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation kostenlos im Netz angehört werden können: "The goal of the Jukebox is to present to the widest audience possible early commercial sound recordings, offering a broad range of historical and cultural documents as a contribution to education and lifelong learning".

Interessant ist dabei der Disclaimer: "These selections are presented as part of the record of the past. They are historical documents which reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. The Library of Congress does not endorse the views expressed in these recordings, which may contain content offensive to users". Auf der Startseite steht kurz gefasst "WARNING: Historical recordings may contain offensive language". - Hinweis von library_pirate.

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